About occupations eligible for technical intern training

Foreigner training system

The foreign technical intern trainee system is implemented in accordance with the provisions of the Immigration Control Law. It is a system for international contribution with two purposes of Japanese companies accepting foreign technical intern trainees and conducting technical internship through practical work, human resource development of practical trainees and transfer of acquired skills to their home countries.

About length of stay

The training period is 1 month, and the technical intern training period is 35 months, for a total of 3 years.


We handle 82 occupations and 150 tasks. (As of October 21, 2020)

Agriculture (2 occupations, 6 tasks)
Job Title Work name
Cultivation agriculture * Greenhouse horticulture
Upland farming/vegetables
fruit tree
Livestock farming * pig farming
poultry farming

Note) The occupations marked with an asterisk (*) are the technical intern training evaluation test occupations.

Fisheries (2 occupations, 10 tasks)
Job Title Work name
Fishing boat fishing * Bonito pole-and-line fishing
longline fishing
squid fishing
purse seine fishery
trawling fishery
gill net fishing
Set net fishery
Crab and shrimp basket fishery
Stick seine fishery
Aquaculture * Scallop and oyster farming

Note) Occupations marked with * are technical intern training evaluation test occupations.

Construction (22 occupations, 33 operations)
Job Title Work name
Sakui Percussion drilling construction work
Rotary drilling construction work
architectural sheet metal Duct sheet metal work
Interior and exterior sheet metal work
Refrigeration and air conditioning equipment construction Refrigeration and air conditioning equipment construction work
joinery production Wooden joinery manual processing work
building carpenter carpentry work
Formwork construction Formwork construction work
Reinforcement construction Rebar assembly work
Jump Skipping work
Masonry construction stone processing work
masonry work
tiled tiling work
Thatched roof Thatched roof work
plasterer Plastering work
Piping Building plumbing work
Plant piping work
Thermal insulation construction Thermal insulation work
Interior finish construction Plastic floor finishing work
Carpet floor finishing work
Steel subfloor construction work
Board finishing work
Curtain construction work
Sash construction Building sash construction work
Waterproof construction Sealing waterproof construction work
Concrete pumping construction Concrete pumping construction work
Well point construction Well point construction work
mounting wall covering work
Construction machinery * Dozing and leveling work
loading work
excavation work
Compaction work
Furnace building Furnace construction work

In addition, there are two types of painting jobs related to construction: “building painting work” and “steel bridge painting work”.
Note) Occupations marked with * are technical intern training evaluation test occupations.

Food manufacturing (11 occupations, 18 tasks)
Job Title Work name
Winding canned * canned food
Poultry processing industry * Poultry processing work
Heatable processed seafood manufacturing industry * Production of joints
Heated dry product manufacturing
Manufacture of processed seasoning products
Kun product manufacturing
Non-heat processed marine products manufacturing industry * Production of salted products
Dry product manufacturing
Fermented food manufacturing
Manufacture of cooked products
Manufacture of processed products for raw consumption
Manufacture of fish paste products Kamaboko product manufacturing work
Beef and pork processing industry * Beef and pork part meat manufacturing work
Ham, sausage, bacon production Ham, sausage, bacon manufacturing work
bread making bread making work
Side dish manufacturing industry * Side dish processing work
Agricultural pickles manufacturing industry * Agricultural pickles manufacturing
Manufacture of food for medical and welfare facilities * Manufacture of food for medical and welfare facilities

Note) Occupations marked with * are technical intern training evaluation test occupations.

Textile/Clothing Textile/Clothing (13 occupations, 22 tasks)
Job Title Work name
Spinning operation * Front spinning process work
Spinning process work
Winding process work
Plying yarn process work
Weaving operation * Preparatory work
Weaving process work
Finishing process work
staining Yarn dyeing work
Textile and knit dyeing work
Knit product manufacturing circular knit production work
sock manufacturing work
Manufacture of warp knitted fabric * Warp Knitted Fabric Manufacturing Operations
Women's and children's clothing manufacturing Women's and children's ready-made clothes sewing work
Men's clothing manufacturing Men's ready-to-wear manufacturing work
Underwear manufacture * Underwear manufacturing work
bedding making Bedding production work
Carpet manufacturing * Woven carpet manufacturing work
Tufted carpet manufacturing work
Needle punch carpet manufacturing work
Canvas product manufacturing Canvas product manufacturing work
cloth sewing Shirt manufacturing work
Seat sheet sewing * Automobile seat sewing work

Note) Occupations marked with * are technical intern training evaluation test occupations.

Machinery/metal-related Machinery/metal-related (15 occupations, 29 operations)
Job Title Work name
casting cast iron casting casting work
Non-ferrous metal casting casting work
forging Hammer type forging work
Press die forging work
die-cast Hot chamber die casting work
cold chamber die casting work
Machining Ordinary lathe work
milling machine work
Numerical control lathe work
Machining center work
metal stamping metal stamping work
Ironworker Structural ironwork
factory sheet metal machine sheet metal work
plating electroplating work
Hot-dip galvanizing work
aluminum anodizing Anodizing work
finish Jigs and tools finishing work
Mold finishing work
Machine assembly finishing work
machine inspection Machine inspection work
machine maintenance Mechanical maintenance work
Electronics assembly Electronic device assembly work
electrical equipment assembly Rotating electric machine assembly work
Transformer assembly work
Switchboard and control panel assembly work
Opening and closing control device assembly work
Rotating electric machine winding manufacturing work
Printed wiring board manufacturing Printed wiring board design work
Printed wiring board manufacturing work
Others (16 occupations, 29 tasks)
Job Title Work name
furniture making Furniture hand work
printing offset printing work
Gravure printing work *
Bookbinding Bookbinding work
plastic molding Compression molding work
injection molding work
Inflation molding work
blow molding work
Reinforced plastic molding Manual lamination molding work
Painting Architectural painting work
metal painting work
Steel bridge painting work
spray painting work
Weld * manual welding
semi-automatic welding
industrial packaging industrial packaging work
Manufacture of paper containers and corrugated boxes Printing box punching work
Printing box manufacturing work
Paste box manufacturing work
Cardboard box manufacturing work
Ceramic industry product manufacturing * Machine potter's wheel molding work
Pressure casting operation
pad printing work
Car maintenance * car maintenance work
nursing * nursing
Linen supply * linen supply finish
Concrete product manufacturing * Concrete product manufacturing work
Lodging * Customer service and hygiene management

Note) Occupations marked with * are technical intern training evaluation test occupations.

Jobs and work for in-house certification (3 jobs for 1 job type)
Job Title Work name
Airport Ground Handling * Aircraft ground support operations
Air freight handling work
Room cleaning work

Note) Occupations marked with * are technical intern training evaluation test occupations.