Q&A on sending technical intern trainees

I tried to summarize the frequently asked questions


What is the official language of the Philippines?

Tagalog and English are currently official languages.


Are you okay with different languages and lifestyles?

fine. Before entering Japan, the technical intern trainees live in a dormitory at the training center (Sakura Japanese Language School) of our Prodential Employment Agency Inc. thoroughly for 4 months.


What is the personality of Filipinos?

He is a friendly, cheerful and kind person. Curious and active. On the other hand, he is shy, stubborn and selfish.


How are you bathing?

Most of them are showers. Most people take a shower in the morning (70%) and a shower (30%) in the evening, so they like cleanliness very much.


Do you ever collect money from technical intern trainees before they leave Japan?

No. Nothing.
The laws in the Philippines are probably the strictest in the world. No money can be collected or held.


How to get along well with Filipinos

Filipinos value human relationships very much. Communication is important not only with family and siblings, but also in various situations such as birthdays, neighbors, etc., as well as ceremonial occasions.
We at Prodential Employment Agency, Inc. (PEA) take a break from work to celebrate the birthdays of our employees. That's all it means to cherish anniversaries and more.
Please, how about valuing communication with Filipino technical intern trainees and surprising them by checking their birthdays in advance? That kind of accumulation is the secret to success.


What is your religion?

Most religions are Christianity (Catholic). Everyone is very kind, so there is no problem at all even if they are different religions.


Acceptance of Filipino technical intern trainees
What effect does it have on companies?

Filipino technical intern trainees are young, serious, and cooperative, so the workplace is bright and active. Also, there is no doubt that it will lead to an improvement in production for companies that accept young and excellent technical interns.
They always go to Japan with a goal in mind, so they can quickly acquire skills and meet the needs of companies. Hiring foreigners also leads to the "internationalization" of management.


Can technical intern trainees work overtime, train at night or at night, or work part-time?

Trainees are those who stay in Japan for the purpose of "learning" skills during the training period (first month), not for the purpose of working. Therefore, overtime work, working on holidays, part-time jobs, etc. are strictly prohibited. However, for the remaining 35 months, overtime is allowed for technical intern trainees.


What is the difference between training and technical intern training?

Both training and technical intern training have the same purpose of acquiring technology, skills and knowledge in Japan.
The difference is that after completing the training (for the first month), technical intern trainees are employed by the same company where they received the training. is what we aim for.


Can small businesses accept trainees?

If you have 3 or more employees, you can accept up to 3 technical intern trainees per year. It's 3 years for 3 people every year, so it's ok for a total of 9 people. However, only occupations designated by the government can accept technical intern trainees.