Technical intern trainee salary and benefits

After entering Japan, the training allowance will be 85,000 yen or more (including food expenses) for the first month of the actual trainee based on the POEA agreement document. (This amount is based on the rules of the Philippine government.)
You will be a technical intern trainee for 35 months after entering Japan, and since you are a salary earner, you will be paid an amount based on the Minimum Wage Law, and rent and other deductions will be made. Overtime is also possible.
We are very sorry, but the monthly monitoring (management) fee for technical intern trainees is 10,000 yen.
Director Tetsuji Fujimoto visits Japan once a month from the Philippines for monitoring and sales purposes.
Our Japanese representative office has a representative in "Fukuoka", so if there is a "trouble" with a technical intern trainee, please rest assured that we will deal with it immediately.

Thank you very much.