School overview

We, Prodential Employment Agency Inc. (PEA), operate “Sakura Japanese Language School” as a sister company.
Consultant Tetsuji Fujimoto

Company name (sending agency name)

Sakura Japanese Language School, Inc. (common name: Sakura Japanese Language School)
Sakura Japanese Language School Inc.


Representative Jasmine Amaro


2nd & 3rd Floors, Manahin Corp. Building 70 Gloria Diaz St., BF Resort Village Talon 2
Las Piñas City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1740


Phone: (632) 8403-2823 / (632) 8871-1625 Fax: (632) 8556-3877

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January 17, 2011

Approved ministries

Philippine Department of Labor (TESDA) TESDA License: NTR201113031007


500,000 pesos

Business content

1. Preliminary Japanese language education for Filipino technical intern trainees to Japan
2.Education of Japanese culture, customs, rules, manners, etc.
3. Software development and leasing business


1. There are 8 Japanese interpreters on staff at all times, providing meticulous support and education.
2. At this "Sakura Japanese Language School" (certified by TESDA), we will conduct a pre-training camp for 4 months and 800 hours.
There are 72 Filipino instructors and 11 Japanese instructors with 2nd and 3rd grade licenses for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.
3. We will send out students at a level that will pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N4 to N5 at the very least.
4. There are 34 Japanese language classes.
5. We operate a nursing care school (Sakura Caregiver & Healthcare School) as a sister company.