Q&A about Sakura Japanese Language School

We've put together some frequently asked questions.


Have you decided when to enter the school?

Not decided. New students usually start within 1-2 months. Therefore, that time is the day of admission. (Usually, you will know the date you plan to enter the school about a month in advance.)


When do I have to pay the tuition fee and the training camp fee?

We will send you an invoice at the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines after obtaining your visa, so please make the payment as soon as possible.
Please be aware that we will not refund the Japanese language education fee to those who stop in the middle.


How many students are there on average per class?

No more than 25 people.


From what time to what time are the classes?

From 8:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the evening. You will study about 200 hours in one month from Monday to Saturday.
For technical intern trainees, it is a four-month course (800 hours).


Is it only for training camps?

That's right, it's only a training camp. With the commuting system, some people are late or take a day off. In order to prevent such a thing, we are only doing training camps. Also, you can learn "group life" by doing a training camp.


When can you go home?

We have exams every Friday.
If you score less than 80 points on this test, you will not be allowed to go home.
If your score is 80 or above, you must go home after 5:00 pm on Saturday and return to school by 6:30 pm on Sunday.


How many Japanese teachers do you have?

There are 58 Filipino teachers and 9 Japanese teachers.
I don't think there is any other school that offers such a comprehensive education.