About pre-training

psychology test We will carry it out in-house before you leave Japan. (IQ, personality, math, fitness test)
Medical checkup It will be carried out "twice" at a regular medical institution before departure.
Passport acquisition Those who pass the interview will be issued a passport.
document ratification We examine application documents and prepare translations.
teaching materials It means a textbook of Japanese language, training, culture, and skills.
Language training It is about N4 level.
training We will strictly educate you on manners, rules, attitudes, etc. in Japan.
cultural training We educate about Japanese culture and customs.
seminar Before leaving the country, attend a seminar hosted by the Philippine government.
Visa acquisition After obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility in Japan, you will obtain a visa.
air ticket Prepare a one-way ticket to Japan.
insurance Pay the compulsory insurance fee to POEA before you leave the country.